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Boilers are an important part of the households in the areas which get extreme cold weather. It is a survival kit for the family members to be safe and warm inside the comfort of their house. Boilers also run the central heating system of the house. So, it would not be wrong to say that boilers are a daily life necessity. Homefront uk provides you with the best boiler installation service. Our services are budget-friendly and provide a guaranteed smooth working boiler.

So, if you are looking for a service to install a boiler for your house, Homefront uk is your ultimate stop. We have top boiler manufacturers on board. You can, therefore, rest assured regarding the quality. We have a wide variety of boiler models and different types to suit every big and small household.


If you are looking for a reliable boiler installation service in Birmingham and the neighboring areas, you are at the right place. Homefront uk provides durable and cost-effective installation service in your area. We are just a call away to provide you with our expert service of boilers. We have highly trained technicians that are gas-safe registered to ensure maximum safety. They make sure to deliver a highly professional installation service. And they do not leave the site until you claim complete satisfaction.

To get warm water running through your taps and have a cozy home ambiance you just have to pick your phone and dial our number. You can also contact us through our website. Our prompt team will get back to you within no time. An expert survey of your site will be booked according to your preferred time and date. We provide the most reliable boiler installation service in Birmingham that no other company provides.



Within years old boilers start to show problems and work less efficiently. As a result, your energy bills increases but the quality and intensity of the work decrease. No one wants to spend a bulk of money on continuously repairing an inefficient boiler. So, it is highly advised to get a new modern way that saves your money and provides a warm house. All the boilers we provide are energy efficient and best quality.

Homefront UK has certified engineers to do the installation properly. They will survey your house and suggest the best boilers and sizes that would fulfill your requirement. And then install it professionally. You will have a brand new working within few days with a guarantee.


Homefront UK deals in three types of boilers. Following are the types:

COMBI BOILERS: If you have a compact house then combi boilers are your best option.

SYSTEM BOILERS: These boilers are best suited for houses with multiple bathrooms.

REGULAR BOILER: Regular boiler is your choice if you live in a big happy family.