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Do you have problems with your Worcester boiler? No problem. This manual for Worcester Greenstar boilers will clarify everything.

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Before we start, it’s important. When a problem happens with your Worcester boiler, your control board should show a deficiency code. Worcester boilers, their flaw codes start with EA. The Worcester EA flaw code will give a sign of the problem. 

You’ll have the option to find the cause of this problem by referring to the issue code, in your proprietor’s manual.



Blocked Condensate Pipe 

Boilers like Worcester Bosch, have a condensate pipe. Shockingly, it’s a typical problem with Worcester’s that the condensate pipe gets blocked. This will cause an EA229 error code to be shown on your boiler.

The Solution 

Check the condensate pipe for blockage. If it’s a cold morning or winter, there’s a decent possibility that the line’s gases have frozen and caused a boiler blockage. Essentially defrosting the line with warm water and resetting your boiler will clear the E229 error code. Then, you need to prevent this from happening once more.


If your Worcester boiler is leaking, this can cause a low pressing factor and the boiler to block out. A leaking boiler will be because of blown siphon seals. This happens when the seals wear out over the long run. Also, they’ve been put under excess pressure, like a new expansion in stream rate on the siphon. The boiler perceives this and presents an error code. For this situation, it’s probably going to be the A281 or EA338.  

The Solution  

Before you call a Worcester boiler plumber in Solihull and burn £100s, it merits checking this can’t be fixed on a DIY premise. (Note: Once you’ve fixed the leak, ensure your boiler is set to the right pressing factor, which is 1.3 bar) Most little leaks can be stopped using Fernox’s F4 leak sealant for heating systems. Keep in mind, a leak is simply associated with the boiler’s losing pressure.

Boiler Losing Pressure 

If your Worcester boiler problem identifies with your unit losing pressure; you leak. Indeed, it probably won’t be noticeable, however, it’s there in some places. What’s more, this doesn’t require a leak in the boiler. Any leak all through your central heating will cause a boiler to lose pressure. This could be a pin-opening in a radiator, a free association on a rad valve, or even a feeble fastening joint on the copper pipe.

The Solution 

When a Worcester boiler gets under a specific pressing factor, it will lock out. To fix this, you’ll need to re-compress it using the outside filling circle. Yet, that is just a transitory fix. To take care of the problem with your Worcester, and clear any issue codes, the leak should be found and fixed

If your still can figure out the problems in your boiler! Don’t worry Home Front UK expert team here to guide you for more you can contact us.


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