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Coronavirus has flipped our reality as we look to guard ourselves and our family. But on the other hand, it’s started a pattern in home advancements, as householders try to make their home space more comfortable. Here are few queries that are important:

Home Front UK raised concerns for working in individuals’ homes during the COVID-19 pandemic to understand the covid policy better. 

As per the 2020 Renovation Nation Report1, some 65% of UK homeowners have put resources into home redesigns since lockdown, with 24% financing with cash they’d initially intended to spend on a vacation. 

So fortunately there are a lot of fortunate buyers with money, and who are needing to spend on plumbing. Just as a nursery fire pit, obviously! 

covid precautions
covid precautions 2

Are plumbers allowed to work in homes? 

We’re putting a huge admonition on this one, when we say, “comprehensively, yes.” Though remember that coronavirus policy and updates change rapidly, and there are a few spots where allowed work in homes is confined to fundamental fixes and support. 

At the hour of writing, here’s the circumstance, along with where you can track down the most recent data: 

Britain: You can as of now keep on working in homes during all neighborhood alert (Tier) levels. Nitty-gritty data can be found here. 

Scotland: Scotland’s five Protection Levels 0-4 will come into power on second November. Further subtleties can be found here, and current data expresses that dealers are permitted to work in individuals’ homes. 

Ribs: The “firebreak” lockdown in Wales is booked to go on until ninth November, with FAQs from the Welsh government saying that work in individuals’ homes can proceed as long as it is overseen in a protected manner and both the specialist and family individuals are well and have no side effects of coronavirus. 

Northern Ireland: Extra limitations are presently set up until mid-November, even though dealers are as yet allowed to do work in individuals’ homes. 

Ireland: With the new re-presentation of stricter coronavirus security measures, support and fix administrations to organizations and homes – including plumbing and warming – are as yet classed as basic. 

How can the homeowner stay safe doing plumbing work? 

Regardless of where you are in the UK or Ireland, the standards of keeping yourself and each other safe continue as before: 

  • Stay away from work in others’ homes if you have coronavirus symptoms, have been approached to disconnect by a ‘Test and Trace’ group, or must be isolated. 

  • Practice great hand cleanliness – wash and disinfect your hands routinely, including when first entering somebody’s home. 

  • Keep your actual distance – 2 metres+ is the best quality level. 

  • Wear a mask. 

  • Keep everything clean – surfaces, gear, work garments, the part. Furthermore, dispose of all your trash each time you leave. 

  • Get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible. 


For more information and queries contact us. We are here to help and resolve all your concerns and provide you with a safe and secure work environment.


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