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A boiler leak is an obvious indicator there’s an issue with your boiler. If your new boiler is leaking water or leaking gas, you need to make a move – and quickly.
This guide is for boiler repairs Solihull and how you could fix it.

Why is my new boiler leaking water? 

Boilers shouldn’t leak any water. Modern heating systems are fixed and compressed, so the water in the system can’t leak. Little leaks of water could mean you need to top up your boiler pressure – read how to do this in our guide. 

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The pressing factor help valve could be delivering additional pressing factors from the system. The heat exchanger – the important part of your boiler where cold water is heated up with hot gas – could be damaged. If you have another boiler, the joints where the heating system pipes meet the boiler may have been damaged. Or then again if your boiler is going downhill, a few sections might have quit working. These shortcomings are normally repairable. But, in certain examples, you may need another boiler. 

How to check the boiler leaking water? 

The main indication of a leaking boiler may be that it is removed because of a low pressing factor. And surprisingly after you top it up, it loses pressure again rapidly. 

Is your boiler losing pressure but there’s no leak? 

Investigate our boiler constraint manual to check whether you can fix this issue. You may see water trickling from the boiler, or running down the divider it’s fixed too. On the other hand, there might be water running from a little line going through the outside divider close to the boiler. Once in a while, a little boiler leak appears as a shape, sodden, or staining close to the boiler. Or on the other hand as distorted avoiding sheets or ledges close by. You may see water dribbling out from the lower part of the packaging for boiler heat exchanger leak manifestations. There could even be a leak somewhere else in the system. Check every apparent line and joins for leaking water and search for finishing on close-by dividers, roofs, or woodwork. 

Keep in mind: if it’s a cool day, you may see loads of steam coming from the boiler vent. This is ordinary, particularly if you have a cutting-edge consolidating boiler. Also, the good news is, it doesn’t mean you have a boiler leak.

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Ask Home Front UK if you have a boiler water leak! 

If you can see that your boiler is leaking water, put a can, bowl, or towel under it to forestall water harm or staining. It’s also insightful to turn off the power to the boiler. This will eliminate any danger of electric shock and lessen the damage to your heating system. 

If you can’t find out what’s causing the water leak, check the boiler pressure measure. This is a round dial that is generally located on the front of your boiler. 


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