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Boiler Manufacturer Guide

Check your boiler manufacturer guide to discover in which the boiler reset button is – All boilers in Hockley have one, however, their place can also additionally vary among models.Your manufacturer guide has to additionally come up with commands on the way to reset the boiler. Always comply with the commands on your particular boiler, and as constantly, if you’re in any respect unsure, depart it to an expert boiler services Hockley expert.

Reset Process


Most boilers will comply with the equal preferred reset process. 

  • Once you’ve positioned the reset button, press it and maintain it down for 10 seconds.
  • Wait and look ahead to the boiler to ignite. This isn’t usually instant and will take some minutes.
  • It’s crucial now no longer to press the button several instances or you may discover yourself with a costly restore in your hands for boiler repair Hockley.
  • If the boiler has effectively been reset, the flame will ignite. You have to additionally discover that the mistake code has disappeared from the show display screen. You might also see that red or orange light has been changed with a green one.
  • If the boiler hasn’t been correctly reset, then the following step is to call a Boiler Services Hockley engineer to find the lingering fault.

Occurring an Error


You’ve reset your boiler however it’s nevertheless now no longer turning on?


So you’ve been REFERRED to as a boiler repair Hockley engineer, you’ve had the fault repaired, attempted to reset the boiler – But it’s now no longer ignited. 

Boiler Services Hockley (1)What next?


Was there a blunder’s code? If there has been in the beginning a blunders code displaying at the boiler display. Then there may also want to be a similar investigation than simply that one fault. Call a  Boiler Services Hockley engineer. Ask him to return back and discover some other possible problems that might be stopping the boiler from running properly.

Pressure Gauge


If the authentic problem wasn’t to do with boiler pressure, then take a look at it now. Have a glance at the pressure gauge and ensure it’s now no longer too excessive or too low. You have to be seeing the gauge studying about 1 bar.


Is your boiler getting electricity?


 Check that the electricity is getting for your boiler. You need to have the ability to inform through the display screen being lit. If you’ve had an electricity cut, it’s pretty not unusual for the boiler to be locked out. Check your fuse box and attempt resetting once more as soon as you’re certain the electricity is on.

Boiler Services Hockley (2)

Why does my boiler continuously want resetting?


If your boiler in Hockley is wanting to be reset on a normal basis, there’s a great risk it’s indicative of an ongoing fault. This ought to be:


  • A fault with the pump
  • A leak someplace withinside the system
  • A blocked heat exchanger
  • Part of the equipment itself wanting replacement (probably an electric powered component)


If you’re frequently resetting your boiler however, make efforts to locate and fix any faults. It may be suggestive of the fact that your boiler has visible higher days. You can also additionally want to remember changing it and putting in a brand new one.


For a free boiler quote, you could head to our website “Home Front UK”. Enjoy as much as a 12 months guarantee and a short and smooth installation by our engineer.



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